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Congratulations WWL employees@Baltimore to the ILA 333
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Master Contract and WWL Employees

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It is pathetic that the employees of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics in Baltimore have to be negotiated a separate contract even when there is an existing Master Contract to which the union ILA 333 and WWL are both signatory. What then is the purpose of a new contract?? click the link to view the master contract.

Questions on the mind of many employees are??

i. Are we sold out?

ii. Why is the union holding meetings with the company without employee representation?

iii. Why are we without shop stewards?

iv. Why are there so many Ys with ILA 333??

v. What can we do, and how can we collectively request that the master contract be implemented?

vi. Can we seek redress in a lawful court even after the passage of a contract?

vii. Scott Cowan the ILA 333 president will argue that he said "we might not get same"  as what others union members get...question is why? are we the lesser version of ILA 333? what powers does he have to determine what we get? we don't want what he thinks we should get but what the book (Master Contract) requires us to get. 

viii. What does the ILA constitution say about us?  and how does the ILA constitution and master contract affect us?

ix. Why have the promised pension plan being flipped into annuity??

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Congratulations WWL employees@Baltimore to the ILA 333