WWL Employees #Reject UFCW local 27
Petitions with the NLRB is in process.
Congratulations WWL employees@Baltimore to the ILA 333
WorkersRally.com is in solidarity with WWL employees in their right to fair representation with the union of their choice.

Votes@9/25/17: 109 [Reject] - 49 [Accept]

The disgraceful speech of the president of WWL USA

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After the disgraceful speech from the president of WWL usa, in which the president asked the employees of WWL@Baltimore to "Give us a chance tomorrow and vote NO UNION and lets make America great", "What have you got to loose" it was an angry appeal from a frustrated man who had no business being the president of any company, to take away the rights of the workers for 1 year. 

The election came on the January 9th, 2018 and the people spoke in a convincing voice.

- 116 people voted ILA 333

- 7 people voted UFCW local 27

- 38 people voted NO UNION

asked Jan 12 by Panda (200 points)

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Congratulations WWL employees@Baltimore to the ILA 333