WWL Employees #Reject UFCW local 27
Petitions with the NLRB is in process.
Congratulations WWL employees@Baltimore to the ILA 333
WorkersRally.com is in solidarity with WWL employees in their right to fair representation with the union of their choice.

Votes@9/25/17: 109 [Reject] - 49 [Accept]

Changes At Work (WWL Baltimore)

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We are seeing changes in policy implementation. 

These changes are because of the show of strength and unity in the exercise of our duty as a bargaining unit. If anything these changes should make our resolve stronger to eject UFCW local 27. There is no going back to ejecting the crooked union!

We shall continue to do what we do best! work hard to make WWL a proud place to work.

Some things we can collectively do as employees:

  1. Set our alarm clock to wake 30mins earlier.

  2. Do not use phones on the job!

  3. If you get to the jammed gate @ 5:50 park across the street its 4-5mins walk and pick up your car at lunch hr.

  4. Do not disclose how you voted! 

  5. If you are being targeted or discriminated against discuss it with a trusted co-worker as a witness, share your circumstance with everyone on this site and call the labor board.

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Congratulations WWL employees@Baltimore to the ILA 333