Is there extraterrestrial intelligence around?

Ever since the Space Competition, the technological advances made it possible for the humankind to widen the horizon of knowledge on cosmos. Yet when it comes to knowing Space and uncovering its secrets, apparently every progress we make, every amount of information NASA brings to lighting, raises more questions that it cares to eliminate. However, it was actually Carl Sagan who said that “we make our world important by the valor of our inquiries and by the depth of our own answers”, and when it comes to acquiring answer the humankind will stop at nothing as a way to satisfy its curiosity.

One of the most disputed and debate inquiries in the record is the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. At some point in existence, we all had been questioned no matter if we believe in aliens or perhaps not. Whether it was your good friend, your child or your professor, the depth in the questions as well as the impact it offers on your general conception on life is brain-blowing. The overall strategy most of the people have about aliens was created by Hollywood and its movies. The famed Television-series X-Files also fueled our imagination. However the evidence created by NASA and SETI concerning the extraterrestrial life are a considerably cry from what we imagined, s the question begs, is there extrasentential intelligence or simply extraterrestrial life. Is there every other planet like ours, are we alone in the universe? How precise is Drake equation and will it actually estimate of the volume of active, communicative extraterrestrial cultures in the Milky Way?


When it comes to aliens, there is lots of suspense surrounding the subject, yet retaining an opened mind might bring about productive results. In case you are enthusiastic about place, science history and the topic of extraterrestrial life is some thing you take specific interest in, you will be delighted to listed to Encyclopedia Podcastica 011, a podcast from Silicon Valley Skeptics. The SV Skeptics YouTube route treats its visitors to a live movie podcast on alien life, raising this sort of questions as “How do we look for extraterrestrial intelligence, and what about daily life in our personal solar system? Could there be other worlds in our neighborhood harboring hidden critters?” and discussing on the subject. It is a uncommon treat for all those who love science and space. Simply take a few minutes from your busy goal to enjoy a healthy debate on extraterrestrial intelligence and understand some new stuff regarding Fermi’s Paradox, ScienceHistory and Space
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