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How to know if your union has been corrupted by companies.

2018-07-15 02:36:00

Corruption is as old as prostitution it is the act of an entrusted union leadership to prostitute without shame with employers to screw its members who pay union dues for desire services. Employers corrupt unions by offering union leadership cash, all expenses paid vacation, dinner, other gifts including cars, electronics, opening up positions for family members and friends of the union leadership....etc

The following are tips to know if your union has the corrupted:

  1. The union relents on all its promises to employees before the votes.

  2. The union leadership goes for dinner/secret meetings with employers.

  3. Union leadership implore threat tactics against employees.

  4. Union leadership threatens to walk away from negotiations.

  5. Union leadership fails to file charges against employers for negotiating in bad faith.

  6. Union leadership blames the employees for not wanting to fight.

  7. Union leadership seeks fractions to help push its 6 years contract agenda.

  8. Employers switch to help push union agenda e.g moving from a previously known 3 or 4 years contract term to a longer contract term e.g 6 years contract.

  9. Union leadership demanding longer contract time, remember the more money they save employers the higher the kick-backs.

  10. Union leadership wanting to select and control the shop-stewards out of fear of loosing control of the members.

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